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Renewable Energy In Australia

Follow Us Renewable energy in Australia Renewable energy in Australia is like many other countries as they continue to try to expand the use of renewable energy. It is afterall the land of constant Sunshine so they are well placed geographically to take advantage of the many types of renewable energy available to us at Read More

Alternative Energy Sources

Follow Us As we begin to search for Alternative Energy Sources there are increasingly bizarre options being considered, here are just a few of them; 11 Bizarre Sources for Alternative Energy : Discovery News Jan 20, 2015 … Body heat, sugar and dead bodies are just a few sources of energy being explored and Read More

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology to Power Your Vehicle

Follow Us Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology – Could this be a solution to our current energy problems and our Sky high Gas and Oil prices? Have you heard about water fuel? Well, it is correctly called hydrogen fuel cell technology and it is this alternative  renewable source of energy that could help to conserve the Read More

Alternative Fuel Engines Are Gaining Respect

Follow Us We all know about the high cost of gasoline. But let us take a look at one guys pursuit to make the engine a much better and a less costly running machine Many of you may consider the diesel motor with the black soot skyrocketing upwards from big semi-trucks on the highways and Read More

Biodiesel Can Save You Money But It Is Not For Everyone

Follow Us You may have heard of biodiesel (or even biowillie), but for those who don’t know much about it,I will explain shortly. I just wanted to start with a small list of the benefits of using biodiesel. BENEFITS OF BIODIESEL Can only be used with Diesel Engined Vehicles Biodiesel Requires no special delivery equipment Read More