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Hydrogen Power for Vehicles

Follow Us [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Hydrogen-powered vehicles? It sounds too good to be true- no pollution. Supposedly all they would put out would be water vapor. But what about safety? Would a hydrogen-powered vehicle explode if involved in a severe accident? How dangerous would this be? I think Honda is developing one, but Read More

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Follow Us [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers How expensive is it to produce hydrogen fuel cell? I also need to no how expensive it is to buy it. Im doing a project for school. Posted by Alyssa [display_name id=”1″] Hydrogen fuel cells of the commonly used PEM type cost between $1500 and $2500 per kilowatt, Read More

Uses of Hydrogen Power

Follow Us [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Chemistry Lab– Hydrogen Powered Rocket help???!? Okay im having trouble doing the prelab which is: For this experiment you can assume the following: Temp is 273 K and Pressure is 101.3 kPa. You must make a prediction on the optimum volumes of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas to Read More

Home Hydrogen Power Plant

Follow Us [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Hydrogen car/vehicle? (corporation's view and consumer's view)? How about the usage? What effects would it bring business, social status? Is it really necessary or is it just some kind of luxury? What would be the idea of the private sectors about it? What would be the idea Read More

How Hydrogen Power Works

Follow Us [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Hydrogen powered cars? How doe a hydrogen powered car work? Posted by heartsforeva22 [display_name id=”1″] Hydrogen powered cars have already made their debut. Since hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe it only make sense that hydrogen powered cars would someday make the limelight. Well that Read More

Hydrogen Generator

Follow Us [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers The most efficient hydrogen generator.? What is the most efficient hydrogen generator to date, and how far off is it from producing enough hydrogen to power a car? Posted by Mich [display_name id=”1″] I think it's still electrolysis. Generally speaking, unlike oil, hydrogen in cars is only a Read More

Hydrogen Power Facts

Follow Us [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers Why aren't hydrogen engines mainstream? Http://… They are limited to very rich people like celebrities. My question is why? Oil is running low and is needed for other things besides vehicles. So why aren't these engines which run on hydrogen becoming more popular? Posted by holaitsjosh [display_name id=”1″] Read More

Hydrogen Power Pros and Cons

Follow Us [monetize id=”1″] Questions and Answers What are some pro's and con's of hydrogen electric power? How do you generate electricity with it? Is it better for the environment? Posted by Rachel [display_name id=”1″] Fuel cells on board cars, use compressed hydrogen to make the electricity that drives the wheels. You would not do Read More