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Renewable Energy In Australia

Follow Us Renewable energy in Australia Renewable energy in Australia is like many other countries as they continue to try to expand the use of renewable energy. It is afterall the land of constant Sunshine so they are well placed geographically to take advantage of the many types of renewable energy available to us at Read More

Alternative Energy Sources

Follow Us As we begin to search for Alternative Energy Sources there are increasingly bizarre options being considered, here are just a few of them; 11 Bizarre Sources for Alternative Energy : Discovery News Jan 20, 2015 … Body heat, sugar and dead bodies are just a few sources of energy being explored and Read More

News Release – Installed Cost of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in the U.S. Declined Significantly

Follow Us Installed Cost of Solar Power Photovoltaic Systems in the U.S. Declined Significantly in 2010 and 2011 Berkeley Lab releases “Tracking the Sun IV,” a report on PV systems from 1998 to 2010. September 15, 2011 Allan Chen News Release Berkeley, CA — The installed cost of solar power photovoltaic (PV) power systems in Read More

Solar Panels

An Alternative Energy Source Solar Energy Has A Bright Future

Follow Us Have you seen the movie involving a race car powered solely by solar power? it was certainly a race with a difference a car powered by the Sun! a car covered with solar panels using the sun’s rays as an alternative energy source to power the car. Solar energy is the light and Read More